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Introduction of Chifeng University

Approved by the Education Ministry of China in 2003, Chifeng University was founded as a public, full time and multimajor undergraduate university after Chifeng Normal College of Nationalities with 40 years history and excellent reputation merged withChifeng Institute of Education, Radio and Television College of Inner Mongolia, Chifeng Health Care College, Chifeng Primary Education College. And Chifeng Art Tourism College became part of Chifeng University in 2008. It is located in Chifeng city, the birthplace of the world-famous Hong Shan Cultures. Chifeng University has 60 years of history. The university occupies a total 780 mu with 233.8 thousand square meters building area. The total area in plan will cover 1800 mu. The university has established educational assisting branches and 25 colleges. Their specialty covers 10 majors, 51 undergraduate programs and some vocational programs.9 majors are listed as brand major of autonomous region level. There are 18 courses are listed as high-quality course of autonomous region level. And there are 44 research organizations and 3 teaching teams of autonomous region level and 6 social science research bases along with 3 key laboratories and 2 engineering innovation start-up groups of “Grassland Elites” project. The university has strong faculty with1041 full-time teachers, including 519 professors and 124 teachers with PhD degree. At present there are 11,199 full-time students on campus, 64 postgraduates and 192 international students. Furthermore, the university has three affiliated unites which are one senior high school and two affiliated hospitals.               img32.jpg              

      In recent years, Chifeng University made considerable progress and developments with the joint efforts of all the faculty and students.  In 2011 it gained the qualification to issue master degree in graduate education for major of heritage and museum professional which is a great breakthrough historically at the educational level. In 2015 the first group of students of construction environment and energy application major was enrolled to Chifeng University.  It was listed as one of “100 universities of practical construction application of development project of combination of production and teaching” in 2016. It was qualified to issue master degree in graduate education for major of heritage and museum professional along with education in 2017.


The university puts great efforts to strengthen international exchange and cooperation. There are nearly 40 overseas universities which the university has cooperation with such as Hunan University of South Korea, Lanarkshire New College of UK ,Social Sciences Academy in LodzPoland.  The university applied ISEC program successfully by working together with China Scholarship Council. The university began to enroll international students to suit the developmental trend of high level education internationalization and has achieved enormously with educational quality improvement.

In future development, upholding the motto “Serve society with responsibility, educate people with self-perfection”, the university is striding towards the goal of establishing application-oriented university with vivid local and ethnic characteristics.



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